Views of the Neighborhood

Lots of fun photos of the Mustangfest down John Howell’s way on Mustang Island!
Not a horsey in sight mind! 😉

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Yesterday was the  annual Mustangfest here on Mustang Island. No, it was not about horses in the flesh but horses under the hood. Mustang aficionados came from Mustang Oklahoma through San Antonio and then to Mustang Island. The idea is for owners to get together for the weekend to talk about cars, have fun, and to pick up some awards. Mustang Island is the perfect destination for this group.


This photo will give you an idea of some of the more modern Mustangs and what these folks have for breakfast.

Here is another shot of the collection. You can see a few older Mustangs in the group.


There were several Mustangs that had been given some extra help in the engine compartment. Here is an example of an engine capable of developing over 500 horsepower. (Could probably fly)


This shot shows a  Mustang model that Ford tried as more of a family car. It…

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