The Freebooter’s Fantasy Almanac: a second wave re-launch! (3)

Like I said – this book is…

‘a sort of real cyberspace memoir… a titanic battle played out on the field of sanity – where what happens in your head is the only truth that matters.’


I also said that I’m crap at marketing and this has proved to be a self-fulfilling prophecy, because I chose to do a promo tour earlier in the month to coincide with the beautiful paperback edition of Freebooter’s coming out, at a time when I couldn’t put the eBook on a Kindle Countdown… *very red face indeed!* 

However, moving swiftly onwards and upwards… I can now put the eBook on sale for 99 cents/pence and this started today. Yet more blushing here, because I was convinced that I’d  put it on to start tomorrow at 8 am GMT+1 but, never mind, it’s a Sunday and people lie in a lot don’t they!😉. The other thing I learned from the premature promo wotsit is that this blog gets more traffic so peddling it on t’other blog (Siân Glírdan) ain’t necessarily going to get it noticed too much… did I mention the book’s going cheap now?

Sooo… a relaunch is a good idea with the added shiny goodness of a bargain Kindle price to go with the various rum-based refreshments that we enjoyed the first time out! Anyhoo – a canny friend mentioned in passing today that it’s no good churning out the same old material the whole time so I’m doing some pingbacks to Siân’s blog for some choice re-runs of some of the principal characters in AFFA have been putti9ng over there! 😀 

JUST DON’T FORGET TO BAG YOUR CHEAPO eCopy before leaving! 😉

This is originally enshrined on this blog and then on Sian’s ABOUT page – to make things easier for you (in a really complicated way) I now reproduce it on this post so you don’t have to faff around with the links. Unless you want to! 😉
This is the meandering version of how Siân got her name…

… and ad nauseam!

originally posted on Jan Hawke INKorporated

… for those of you who’re observant and noticed that Sîan’s suddenly popped up on the radar as author of A Freebooter’s Fantasy Almanac (AFFA)… Yes, Sîan is Jan, and Jan is Sîan, but before we get too excited, here’s Sîan’s true pedigree in her new career as a nom de plume😀

It’s all in the name – and, in the Lord of the Rings Fanatics Plaza ‘Kingdom’ of Rivendell, where my roleplaying alter-ego and elven persona, Janowyn, was created and developed. You see, Jano’s a kind of literary super-ego for me, in that she’s a bard and artist in paint and in song so, when I write fantasy, I’m generally channelling her like mad. However, she’s thoroughly grounded in Middle Earth (if you can’t guess where the ‘owyn’ came from then you’re obviously NOT a Tolkien nut!) and so, for original fiction that goes out into the Real World (such as it is…) her name needed a small upgrade.
Most people know of Tolkien’s official career as a philologist and Oxford Professor of Anglo-Saxon. Maybe not so well-known are his sources for creating the lingua franca of the Elves of  Middle Earth, namely Sindarin (not Quenya – that rightfully belongs in Valinor). One of the main influences for Sindarin comes from the Welsh (P-Celtic or Brythonic), which Tolkien described as ‘the Queen of Celtic Languages’.

Sîan is the Welsh for Jane, Janette or Jan…

Glírdan is a literal translation into Sindarin for a songsmith, or bard – glir = song anddan = smith.

Bards, especially the Elven ones, are more accurately wordsmiths – writers, archivists and historians. Interestingly, my maiden surname isGove, which is a variant of Goff or Gow and was commonly associated with the occupation of smith (as in the Govan quarter of Glasgow with it’s ship-building industry)…

So, Sîan Glírdan is a more prosaic rendering of Janowyn the Bard, while still sounding robustly romantic and Gaelic! A fitting pseudonym for a writer of fantasy, especially in the spirit of fantasy freebooting which is my term for post-modernist ‘cyber-pirating’ of classic fantasy memes.

And if by now, dearest reader, you haven’t worked out why I need the extra personas… you’re going to have to BUY THE BOOK – which is on sale all this week! 😛

4 thoughts on “The Freebooter’s Fantasy Almanac: a second wave re-launch! (3)

  1. Love this post, the humor shines through. Besides I have my lovely mouse-mat that I won in the RRBC Book and Blog party to remind me every day that the book lay waiting on my TBR. Only a few ahead of it now, can’t wait to read and review!

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  2. Reblogged this on Siân Glírdan and commented:

    Ever wondered what Dr. Who feels like ALL THE TIME? I’m getting deja vu in spades with recycling old posts from here and INKorpoaated on the other blog. Well the BBC and SKY are always getting away ‘another chance to see – on demand…’ so it saves me having to cobble something new up when hardly anyone’s seen the original outing – doesn’t it? 😉

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