The Freebooter’s Fantasy Almanac: a second wave re-launch! (2)

Sooo… once more enjoy the 1st post of the second wave blog tour with the added shiny goodness of a bargain Kindle price to go with the various rum-based refreshments that we enjoyed the first time out! Enjoy, and please do come back over here to comment on the original blogs – or not, I’m happy you’re reading it anywhere on the blogoverse – JUST DON’T FORGET TO BAG YOUR CHEAPO eCopy! 😉

Siân Glírdan

OK – I know I’m crap at marketing, but I’m great at re-cycling!  😀  Treat this as ‘another chance to see’ the recent blog tour that launched the eBook, only in it’s spiritual home (well at least where it was written, since it’s permanently on display on the actual book blog). The printed edition is now well and truly out there, sailing down that big ole river and out onto the oceans of literary consciousness, so let’s mooch around in style for several days worth of freebooting-related postings. Rum and coke anyone?
Go ahead – fill your boots and maybe get your own tincture of choice too while you’re amusing yourself. We won’t tell! ❤

Day 2 ~ A pirate by any other name?

Having made a decision to write about creating online roleplay personas, inevitably I needed to address the murky world of freebooting, because essentially, that’s what fan communities do – pirate their…

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