A Dark Destiny of Evil: Villains Can Be Chosen Too

I think the whole good/evil dichotomy is a tough nut to crack in the destiny stakes. The main distinction with the evil side of the coin, for me, is to do with free will – it’s hard to wholly escape a Catholic upbringing at times!😉
If you think about it, Evil doesn’t need to chose! Villains are all about seeking power – they go looking for it, so it doesn’t have to come to them? Therefore, mortal villains almost always turn evil at some point, unless they’re born to it, so something has to drive them to ‘choose the dark side’ – Darth Vader being a prime case in point for this of course.😉
Looking back into ancient history, this also gets justified in the Order V Chaos stakes, as the balances of the universe, and probably why Evil does indeed appear messier. Interesting point to ponder, so I’m re-blogging right after hitting send!😀

Legends of Windemere

Wrarrl the Devourer of Souls from Conan Wrarrl the Devourer of Souls from Conan

We always think about the heroes who are destined.  Good is always chosen by the gods while evil . . . where does the villain come from?  I mean, it’s weird that only the heroes are hand-picked while their enemies just appear.  Maybe there is a sinister force behind them, but there’s a problem there.  If there is an evil being behind the villain then that makes the evil being the true, final baddie.

Destiny doesn’t always work for a villain.  It can foretell a hero falling into the role or the rise of an enemy, but the meat of these prophecies are always toward the good.  This does make sense since you don’t need to be saved if there isn’t any danger.  Still, I always find it strange that fate rarely takes responsibility for the other side of the coin.  At least…

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2 thoughts on “A Dark Destiny of Evil: Villains Can Be Chosen Too

  1. Good point, my friend. I have always wondered that since God is all good and creator of all, how did evil come to be in the first place. If only good can reside in heaven’s realm, how did the evil archangel known as the devil or Satan come about? So many questions, so few answers.


    • Lack of tolerance is the most obvious reason for the atheistic lobby here I think, Micki! God/good must always be right and the angels aren’t supposed to argue with him, as free will is a mortal gift – so Lucifer had to go! LOL😉


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