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Today I’m delighted to bring you the final post of the week for Yvette Calleiro. Yvette’s been having a wonderful time on her Rave Reviews Book Club SPOTLIGHT AUTHOR tour, promoting the first book, The One Discovered in her YA fantasy series, The Chronicles of the Diadsodz

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Why are Diasodz special?

by Yvette Calleiro

In my series, Chronicles of the Diasodz, I created a new being that lives among us and serves to heal and protect humans.  If you haven’t read my books, you may be wondering, what makes them so special?  Here are some fun little facts for you:

Diasodz can have two mothers.  Diasodz women in the Altorus class need to be able to fight at any given time.  If a battle were to arise and a Diasodz was pregnant, her embryo could be transferred to that of a Curatus woman to be carried safely to term.  This allowed the Altorus women to fight to protect the humans.  In these cases, the Altorus woman is called the seed mother while the Curatus woman is called the birth mother.  There is always only one father.  The two classes of Diasodz tend to only reproduce with their own kind; otherwise, it diminishes their powers.  A Diasodz is either an Altorus or a Curatus.

Diasodz spend their first eighteen years living as a human.  They have no powers or abilities and must do everything as humans do.  It teaches them an appreciation for the simplicity of humans and the limitations that humans have.  During this time, Diasodz are called younglings.  Younglings must obey a direct order given by their seed mother.

Around their eighteenth birthday, they have their death day.  His/her human shell dies.  To the unknowing, it would appear that the person had truly died.  The body loses its life essence for a three-day transition period.  During that time, the soul of the Diasodz is transforming into its true form.  Some younglings do not make it through the transition, but most do.  If they do not make it, then at the end of the three days, they will have a true death and their body will turn to ash.  If they do make the transition, they will awaken as a Diasodz.

Once they become a full Diasodz, they age much slower than humans.  They age roughly one year for every ten human years.  They call these “life years.”  For example, a Diasodz who has 19 life years has technically lived 28 human years (18 years as a youngling and ten years for their one life year).  They look the same age as humans, so a Diasodz with 19 life years looks 19 years old, even though they have lived 28 human years.  Diasodz can live a very, very long time.

Diasodz are identifiable by their eyes.  Their eyes are predominantly one color but they will have a speck of a different color within them.  Some Diasodz have many specks while others have just a small one.  When they use their powers, the speck transforms into another shape.  For example, Ar’ch has the ability to control air.  His eyes are blue with white specks.  When he is using his ability, his white specks turn into clouds.

Some Diasodz have also been blessed with a weapon to call, and this is found on their body in the form of a tattoo.  Each tattoo is specific to the weapon that he/she has been honored with.  When danger is approaching, his/her tattoo will begin sending a sensation through him/her.  The Diasodz simply has to place his/her hand in the area of the tattoo, and the weapon will appear in his/her hands.  My favorite tattoo of all of them belongs to Izybel.  She has a barbed wire looping around the spine of her back.  When she touches it, a barbed whip appears in her hands!

Every Diasodz has a special skill or power.  The most blessed are given the full power of the elements: earth, air, water, fire, and spirit.  Spirit is only given to the oracle and one of the Elders.  Others will have variations of powers.  For example, Kai can cause temporary blindness as well as bright light.  Mel can shift into different forms, including being invisible.  Damiana can cause excruciating pain through electricity.  Fun stuff! 😉

Besides the mundane forms of transportations, Diasodz can transport via portals.  It’s actually the only way to get to Caelagios, which makes it safe because if a human ever tried to enter a portal, they would disintegrate immediately.  Diasodz, on the other hand, can handle the light speed transportation just fine, though they have to have a clear picture of where they are going or they will get lost within the portal and never find their way out.

Lastly, the Diasodz are dying.  Centuries ago, they turned their back on their purpose, and the Goddess abandoned them.  From that point, their powers began to fade, and each generation’s powers are becoming weaker and weaker.  Unless they find the girl prophesied to save them, they will all perish.  And that is where my story begins. 🙂


IMG_6731---Copy-EditYvette is the author of the young adult fantasy/paranormal books, The One Discovered, The One Enlightened, and The One Betrayed.

She is a heavily addicted reader of both young adult and adult novels. She spends most of her time psuedo-living in paranormal worlds with her fictional friends (and boyfriends). She’s been known to run on the elliptical machine or ride the stationary bike at her gym for hours, while reading anything from paranormal to fantasy to suspenseful thrillers.

When she’s living among real people, Yvette M. Calleiro is a high school reading teacher. She’s been sharing her love of literature with her students for over nineteen years. Besides writing about the various characters that whisper (and sometimes scream) in her head, she enjoys traveling, watching movies, spending quality time with family and friends, and enjoying the beauty of the ocean.

Yvette lives in Miami, Florida, with her beautiful son who allows her to enjoy children’s literature all over again. She also shares her space with an assortment of crazy saltwater animals in her 300-gallon tank.


Follow Yvette

Twitter: @YvetteMCalleiro


Website: yvettemcalleiro.blogspot.com

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  1. I was such a newbie when this tour went live that I missed it completely. It looked to be a great success. I love the detailed information on how your Diasodz came to be. I am constantly in awe of the thought processes that drive us as authors.


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