We Have Fast Fashion. Now It’s Time For Fast Fiction

Tara hits the funny bone yet again! 😀

Tara Sparling writes

 We Have Fast Fashion. Now It's Time For Fast Fiction

Fashion and fiction have a lot in common. Both can be expensive to create, but cheap to reproduce. Both are supposed to respond quickly to changes in demand. Both begin with ‘F’. And both look dodgy in certain shades of pink.

Both depend on retailers to get to their end user. And whether it’s because of internet culture or not, these days, retailers are acutely aware that when customers want things, they want things now. They don’t want to wait for things to be manufactured or tested or delivered or marketed. If they see something they like, it had better be available immediately, or else they’re off somewhere else, and good luck to you, Slothface.

This Is Me Talking About Fashion Like I Have A Bloody Clue

Once upon a time in the fashion world, collections appeared on the catwalk, orders were made, and clothes were delivered to retailers six…

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