#RRBC SPOTLIGHT Author, Micki Peluso!!

More of Micki’s tour – about making live appearances including TV no less! Micki – you are amazing! I think the ‘performance’ side of being a writer is a major worry for a lot of us – I know I’d be sh*t-scared to do what you did there, so you’re a genuine hero to me now! ❤

Entertaining Stories

As a member of the Rave Reviews Book Club, I occasionally get to showcase some awesome authors here. Today Micki Peluso is here to talk about her personal journey, and her book The Whippoorwill Sang. Take it away, Micki.

Facing My Fear of Public Speaking

I have always had a fear of public speaking and being the center of attention. That said, while other authors may enjoy the thought of speaking in front of strangers, for me it was about as much fun as facing a firing squad. My local Red Hat Ladies Club cajoled (forcefully pushed) me into doing a speech and book signing at a local restaurant. Panic set in as all kinds of catastrophic phenomena settled in my gut like a bag of cement.

The day arrived way too quickly but I’d gathered a few helpful hints from other writers. One told me to picture the audience…

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9 thoughts on “#RRBC SPOTLIGHT Author, Micki Peluso!!

  1. I always knew but keep going off in different directions and losing my main train of thought. So I’d ask the audience where I was and they thought it fun to help set me back on track. Lucky I had nice people or that could have gone bad. The ‘Grandmother’s Club’ was snobby and just let me flounder. Didn’t buy books either.

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    • Jan, when you have a bunch of crazy Red Hat Ladies pushing you, you don’t have a choice. I didn’t care too much for sitting in B&N like the Maytag Washing machine repair man waiting for someone to stop by my table. And you had to stay there for 2-4 hours.. BTW, I forgot you’re British. The Maytag product is supposed to be so good it never needs a repairman lol. Must be true since he died waiting .

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