Friday Night Fantasy ~ by Siân Glírdan

WOOT! We have a book trailer! Sian’s really chuffed and I’m just glad that it finally saved from Powerpoint into MP4 OK… Don’t ask – just listen (volume may need upping as I’m hyper-sensitive to noise just now, so I turned it right down…) and do watch in full screen! 😉

Siân Glírdan

Me tonight – Telly’s with Jano supposedly working on the decor for the new Rainbow’s End green room. Of course they’re having a massive row about something or other so I’ve popped in here to do some advance mooching, because Jan’s busy multi-tasking in between getting our book trailer ready! 😀 It’s actually getting pretty exciting as we’re moving towards full launch once the Foreword’s ready and we can put the finishing touches to the paperback version.

We’re going on another blog tour next month with RRBC this time, but the eBook goes on a Kindle Countdown on Monday to create a bit more of a wave of interest. Jan’s been going around muttering about ‘living in interesting times’ for about a month now, but I think that’s more to do with the new study which is stalled just short of completion, waiting for the last glass roof panel to…

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10 thoughts on “Friday Night Fantasy ~ by Siân Glírdan

    • I read somewhere that Dame Kiri Te Kanawa does warm tea and honey to help soothe her larynx – I added the lemon for the Vitamin C hit in cold, damp, Cornwall! 😉


    • That’s very encouraging – thank you so much, Jan! ❤ It would be me doing it again, just with better sound quality and when my voice has recovered a little – this was always going to be a quick and dirty recording because my voice is really unreliable! 😉


    • Actually, having listened to it again on my tablet last night, you’re quite right, Jan – there’s only some of the voice over that’s too low-pitched, so I probably will only go in and ‘hone’ a few sections as most of them are OK for tone and volume 😀


    • Ah – the sound’s a bit of an issue as I’ve had builders around so I’m hyper-sensitive to noise just now, and the recording was turned right down… 😦 The voiceover’s temporary anyway – I’m really croaky just now (again because of builders’ dust!) so I have to re-do when I’m back to not so croaky normal again! 😉

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      • I get that as I am sensory sensitive too and dust–even worse. Drink or sip some honey and lemon in water and it will soothe your voice. I did that for the blog talk radio and it lasted almost to the end.

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      • LOL – thanks, Micki! 😀 I do honey and lemon in warm tea, which does help with the croak, but I have other respiratory issues which affect the air supply, so my own ‘volume control’ is unreliable at best.
        I’m currently trying some singing exercises which were recommended through speech therapy – that’s a learning curve all on its own, just to pull some funny faces 😉

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