All Lives Won’t Matter Until Black Lives Matter

Well said Linda and thanks for sharing Jane Elliott’s vid – it’s really that simple, so why won’t people stand up and say it’s time things changed?

The Long and Short Stories of Life

Of Course “All Lives Matter” and that is the point of “Black Lives Matter”. I get so tired of people viewing the “Black Lives Matter” movement with narrowed or accusatory eyes. To say that “Black Lives Matter is not to negate that White, Brown, or Yellow lives don’t matter.

Actor Jessie Williams said it best, “What we’ve been doing is looking at the data and we know that police somehow manage to deescalate, disarm and not kill white people everyday.”

That’s what “Black Lives Matter” is about. Its purpose is to focus attention on the perpetual inequalities that exist in the United States (and presumably other countries since it has exploded all over the world).

Black Lives are disproportionately taken for inanely stupid things like traffic stops. You may say that they should have cooperated with the police, but I say even when they do, some end up dead.


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5 thoughts on “All Lives Won’t Matter Until Black Lives Matter

  1. To me, it could all be so simple. We are all human beings with a soul and are on this planet for a reason. If we could simply respect each other as that instead of differentiating between skin colors, it would be a much more peaceful planet.

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    • That would be a great start, Micki. A lot of this is fuelled by irrational and ingrained fears and the only way to fight that is to face it, learn from it, and understand why we cannot let it rule us.

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