First-time nerves.

Scary, but good scary, Stevie! Best of luck on the day & wishing you tons of new fans ❤

Stevie Turner

It’s not long now until my first author signing event.  I’ve never had the confidence to attend one before, but I must admit that I’m looking forward to it, albeit in a rather nervous sort of way.  Fifty authors will be attending The Red Rose Steam Society’s Mining Museum, Astley Green, Manchester, M29 7JB on Saturday August 13th.  Apart from the signing there will be bands playing in the evening and a barbeque.  Ticket sales are going well, and the author / organiser Scarlett Flame has contacted the local media and gained their interest.

I’ve learned how to set up a pre-order form on  Google, and have been blessed with quite a few orders.  If any UK readers wish to order books before the deadline of July 10th to be collected on the day, please click on the link below.  They will be slightly cheaper than ordering them  from Amazon.

I’m not a naturally outgoing person, but I…

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