Telly’s Friday Night Fantasy…

This is A wonderful re-blog from Sian Glirdan’s blog as a sort taster-intro for her tour starting tomorrow (Sunday) promoting our (for Sian is me, and I am Sian! 😉 ) new book A Freebooter’s Fantasy Almanac.
The book’s not quite so light-hearted but it has odd flashes of Janowyn’s (and supporting character,Telly Savaloy’s) talent for comedy as well as the hard stuff! I’ll be re-blogging the tour like mad naturally so… WATCH THIS SPACE! 😉

Siân Glírdan

Phew! Nearly didn’t make it again! I’m sure glad that we don’t put a new book every week… OK – I’m pretty whacked and in dire need of some blueberry lollipops, ‘cos I still need to make sure the My Little Unicorn herd’s bedded down for the night, so I’m afraid it’s another thing from the back catalogue again. In fact it’s back in Minas Tirith for the stoopid Karaoke party, but a little earlier in the evening. Actually I make no apologies for recycling this – it’s high time everyone knew why I get so mad at Jano. You just never can tell what she’ll do next – especially when you’re supposed to be on covert ops!
Remember,  I was supposed to be all gussied up as Telvis Parsley and Jano had gone as Janus Droplin (which was in fact the lesser of two evils if you can believe…

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