Had to re-blog – such cute pictures! :0D

Seasons of Skorn, shadows of the seas: in search of time


Gold medals yesterday for

(a) the brave lady who does my heavy cleaning, and who yesterday heroically cleaned around my three gericatrics, under their litter trays, behind their ears and in every suspect corner. She got all the cat hair off the furniture! Make that a platinum medal.

(b) to Felix for going out and then coming back again! He seemed to enjoy his preliminary sniff around the garden.

Sadly, he then got a demerit for being so annoyed to find that at bedtime I had locked the catflap, that he walloped poor innocent Mystic.

I know it’s natural for cats to go out at night, but these guys are so old they I can’t believe it’s safe out there with foxes, badgers, people driving too fast in the lanes, etc. Even when Mystic’s quarantine is up, I shall be quite happy if he never notices the way out, he’s…

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