Siân’s Monday Mooch

Too tired to say anything except here’s the latest on the new book from Siân…

Siân Glírdan

Whoa, boy! Do I need to mooch tonight… It all started out quite nicely, with me getting the eBook files through validation without too many code warnings. So, knowing the basic files were OK, I went in to do a bit of fine-tuning with the page layouts and, because I thought I knew what I was doing now and just needed to do some quick re-saves, I wasn’t exactly prepared for said changes to keep sliding off the revised files.

Upshot is I’ve got the eBook file uploaded to Amazon, but I’ll still need to go back into the piggy-back print files and do the layout changes on there with built in-line spacing, because the soft returns aren’t sticking on the eFiles. I’m really starting to loathe eBook formatting!

Anyway – mooch time now, as I can’t do any more tonight because my concentration’s shot to pieces this late. Soooo –…

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5 thoughts on “Siân’s Monday Mooch

    • Thanks Micki – it’s more a case of D’oh! than real frustration as the tweaks are quite easy to put on. It’s just every time I think I’ve got it tamed I find something else going wrong with it!


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