Telly’s Friday Night Fantasy

Full throttle FWAT jacket – one of Telly’s earliest exploits! A Freebooter’s Fantasy Almanac is coming soon!

Siân Glírdan

Hi, guys! I’m back again ‘cos the others are still billin’ and cooin’ over the new book, although I’m takin’ bets on it being finished for the interweb this weekend! 😀 Siân’s more or less holdin’ her end up with some peeps at some of the rhymes goin’ out so tonight, so I’m gonna follow her example as the Don’t Care Bears have made yet another mess down at the river.

This is one of Jano’s about one of my biggest busts way back in the day, when I was quite a young Elf and in the Elf Queen’s security forces. Jano thinks it’s hilarious*, in what she calls ‘spoof saga form’ – usual cockamamie goofiness I call it, but it does set out the facts of the matter. You don’t have to read it as it’s kinda long (or it wouldn’t be a saga, right! C’mon – work with me here!…

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