Had Enough Grip-Lit? 20 New Book Genres To Make You Sound Cool

Have builders around with a road drill today so am re-blogging until I can hear myself think of some additional howlers 😉

Tara Sparling writes

If I’ve heard it once in the last six months, I’ve heard it eleventy-seven bloody times: ‘It’s all about grip-lit like Gone Girl and Girl On The Train’. ‘Grip-lit, the term coined by Marian Keyes to describe psychological thrillers’. ‘Women reading and writing grip-lit are what it’s all about in bookselling right now’.

Had Enough Grip-Lit? 20 New Book Genres To Make You Sound Cool

No offence to the chick noir writers out there (despite the apparently derogatory gender stereotyping of the phrase, I prefer chick noir, probably because it was around first, and isn’t currently being done to death) but I have now reached the stage where I’m heartily sick of hearing about grip-lit.

I salute all the fine writers of it, particularly the ones I’m reading at the moment, but I’ve had enough of the lazy genre stereotyping, and could happily go the next six months without hearing the term grip-lit mentioned even once.

However, I know that’s…

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