Friday Night Fantasy (by Telly)

Uh-oh!!! Telly’s on the loose with Friday Night Fantasy… I predict that FWAT HQ is going to be a least a few degrees below zero with some high-octane shouting going on for next few days! 😀
This is another bit of scurrilous dirt-digging into our murky past as ‘foo-merchants extraordinaire’ with a spoof ‘Hello’ Wedding-of-the-Year style skit 😛 Do click to go to Sian’s site for any comments because you won’t be able to post on the link site 😉 Enjoy!!!

Siân Glírdan

OK, bozos – it’s like this! The Almanac proofs came back today so, all the dames went into a happy dance and have been faffin’ around with it for hours now. Bottom line is, they sent me over here to say that, of necessity today’s reg’lar posting is gonna run a little short.

However – bein’ the cool guy that I am, I didn’t wanna disappoint, so I’ve opened up a portal back to a little undercover scam we had goin’ several years back now.  Ya know… the things I do for FWAT! 😎

Here’s the fairy dust button 

You’ll end up at our old gaff on DreamWorlds and the layout’s a tad cranky, but I think you’ll have fun diggin’ into a little background on Miz Jano. Fact is, she may get a little mad at me for lettin’ you all have a gander at what was certainly not one of her…

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