There is a Season…

… Turn! Turn! Turn!

OK – so you might have noticed that Sîan Glírdan’s making more of an appearance these days and that there’s a new book A Freebooter’s Fantasy Almanac, (AFFA) sloooowly making it’s way out into online publication waters. If you’ve been looking my way in the last couple of weeks on social media, you’ll also have seen that Sîan’s now got her own blog and that there’s also an AFFA book blog as well. So – this next announcement will probably not surprise you at all but…

From now on all my fantasy genre writing is going to be published under my pen name Sîan Glírdan. 


Yes, I may still occasionally write something more mainstream and contemporary as Jan Hawke, but for the forseeable future, this Jan Hawke INKorporated blog will be more to do with

  • indie publishing topics
  • author support (mainly on the Rave Reviews Book Club side of things), including my reviews
  • cheer-leading for Sîan and other DreamWorlds Publishing titles and authors
  • re-blogging friends and mentors who’ve got something interesting (and probably funny) to say

The season’s been turning for my publishing career for some time now, after a little more than a year off to recover and adapt to my new status of single lady. I’ve discovered some surprising things about myself, mainly to do with managing to spend money and still live within my means. Insurance and pensions have made all that fairly easy, but I’ve had to pull my socks up socially more and that’s actually been much easier and positive that I thought it would be.

So, I’m still an author, but Sîan will now be taking the official bows for me.

Jano will still be careering around my head and in my dreams, stirring things up and making sure the Muse is well stoked up (yes, I know she’s the Muse, but don’t tell her ‘cos she’ll only get all silly and light(er)-headed).

And I’ll be sat in the back office, getting on with the bread and butter business of editorial feedback, typesetting, proofing, cover design and putting things online, whether that’s in paperback. or eBook formats – maybe even a hardback or two down the line! And the blogging of course – I couldn’t give that up, now could I? 😛

17 thoughts on “There is a Season…

    • LOL! Know what you mean about that pesky circumflex 😉 I just found out it should go on the ‘A’ as well *rolls eyes* – too late now – I’ll just keep copy/pasting what I’ve got and leave it at that! 😛


    • I feel a bit like I’m back at work allocating assignments! 🙂 Work I want to do though – so that’s a really great things. Lucky I have several hats to swap around as needed, huh? 😉

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  1. I Love, ‘Turn, Turn, Turn’, used it as music for my video trailer. I wish you well in this new endeavor. They say change is a healthy thing, I just don’t know who ‘they’ are. 🙂 Probably related to the infamous ‘somebody’ and ‘nobody’–typical answers from my kids.

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