Sîan’s Monday mooch…

Nice one, Sian! 😀

Siân Glírdan


I can’t believe I managed to snag this regular feature away from Jano! 😀 Somebody (it may have been Telly, I think?) pointed out that it’s my name on the masthead, so nar! nar!, and I get to write something at least once a week – promise! 😉

The Monday mooch – hope everyone’s familiar with the concept of the mooch – although my definition is probably more about just hanging around doing nothing in particular… Actually, maybe Jano should be doing this now I’ve seen what wiktionary makes of it? 😦
You know… the more I think about it, that sneaky elf has tricked me into thinking this feature’s a perk, because actually it’s going to be something approaching hard labour for the next few weeks what with getting the new book out…

blushOh, that’s just great, isn’t it?! … well, maybe she’s shot herself in the foot this time…

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