18 Things To Do Whilst Waiting For a Writing Breakthrough #Amwriting #writer

Prepare for greatness – some salutory tips on coping with overnight literary acclaim! 😛


Things To Do Whilst WaitingFor a Writing Breakthrough

Let’s all be honest with each other – we are all secretly waiting for a writing breakthrough!

We are all grafting away with our creative projects, occasionally looking up to wonder when that unexpected and amazing literary development will happen, catapulting us up to the next level.

Breakthroughs can be big or small. They can make you smile, cry or shriek with joy and come after months, possibly years, of hard slog.

Some examples of writing breakthroughs are listed below.

  • A victory in a writing competition.
  • Finally completing your novel and sending it off.
  • Writing something your beta-readers actually like.
  • Getting a positive response to a query letter.
  • Getting trapped in a lift for hours with a literary agent.
  • A publishing bidding war erupting over your novel.
  • Selling the film rights to your novel.
  • Being hailed as a ‘literary genius’

Whilst we are waiting we can prepare ourselves for these…

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4 thoughts on “18 Things To Do Whilst Waiting For a Writing Breakthrough #Amwriting #writer

  1. I’ve had some of those breakthroughs and they leave you feeling hopeful! A great review of one of my books sends me over the moon!! To me, that is a breakthrough. 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Jan

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