Going public!

Got off my backside and did another video – this time for DreamWorlds Publishing and our exclusive little stable of titles including The Qworks which’ll be going into editing phase in a few months 😀

Here’s the vid to save you travelling… 😉


turning words into Worlds

Time I did some more work on doing a bit of promotion for us, so here’s a little vid I put together when I had to pitch for some ‘consultancy’ work for a charity-led health support project yesterday – all about us! 😀

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9 thoughts on “Going public!

    • Hiya Jen – it’s just done in MS Office Powerpoint as a slide presentation and then exported into MP4 format. The animation and transitions are a little tricky to get the hang of, but it’s not a big learning curve really, so long as you choose music that’s long enough to get through all the slides! 😉

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      • No filming or video required, although they’re an option, as you just use the ‘insert’ menu to put in anything you want to use. Otherwise it’s just filling up any text boxes you want and using the animation and transition tabs to check it all runs how you want it to.
        If you’re adventurous with exploring the tab options you can use all kinds of little visual fillips, although simple does work best most of the time – most of my animation is just using fades in and out, with ‘wipes’. 🙂


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