10 reasons why YOU should join RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB (even if you’re NOT a writer!)

1 ~ The Book Club Selections for Review Catalog

There are over 400 members of RRBC and most of them are independent writers and/or publishers. The book catalog has far more than 400 titles in it, from all fiction genres (including Erotica, subject to Club Policy) YA (new Adult), and non-fiction. What I can’t give you is the link to our main catalog page – only members have access rights to this, so it’s literally an exclusive library for us RRBC people to discover, fresh, exciting new authors and titles. Prospective members can however view our genre pages for a taster! 😀
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2 ~ Your Fellow Members are AWESOME!

Because the RRBC site is a blog, there’s plenty of little nooks around for you to interact with your fellow members, such as – Book Chat; Peer Support; Social Media Savvy (RRBC style!) andjust so you might see us around and about… the RRBC Member Photo Gallery It’s really easy to make new friends and find useful contacts as we’re a friendly bunch who love talking about books, whether that’s writing or reading them and, of course exciting ideas and sharing experiences about the marketing and promotion side of the fence! There’s tons of other activities that you can join in with Blog and FaceBook link-ups, our Weekly Club Update that lands in your email  inbox each week with all the latest news and activities going on, blog member features like our Pay It Forward Weeks and our new Have You Met?  email introductions, featuring 2 members every week so you can add them to your social network contacts.
With RRBC you also make friends who can soon feel like a family – it’s a great big community of like-minded bibliophiles after all!
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Are a fine body of volunteers who tweet about ALL our members who’re on Twitter, all over Twitter every single day except for Sundays (when we all pause for a breather!). Those who have already discovered Twitter know what a great resource it is for getting anything great you have to say ‘out there’ very quickly – for those, like me, who are a little bit shy of putting our toes into the water and only have a few followers on our accounts, it’s a revelation! When I joined RRBC I had 28 followers that had taken me over 2 years to attract. A day or so after I joined the club it had shot up to over 300 and has frolicked along happily over the last 18 months to well over 3000 now. RRBC is not just about the book reviews – it’s also about supporting your friends and their work and the best thing is that the more you get into supporting others, you get the same treatment for yourself as well. Just think, you need never feel like you’re struggling for recognition again – because if you embrace the supportive atmosphere of support and promotion at RRBC, you DO get noticed for what you give and in return you find you’re coming in for ever greater support with our PROFILE, PROMOTE & PROPEL programme. Just look at what we shower on our most supportive people…
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4 ~ The SPOTLIGHT AUTHOR hot seat

Being a SPOTLIGHT AUTHOR seat is simply wonderful – I should know as it was my turn just last week. A Spotlight Tour is a week’s worth of guest appearances on 7 members’ blogs, including the awesome WHO’S ON THE SHELF WITH NONNIE JULES INTERVIEW (the link’s to mine that I’ve re-blogged onto here, as these are not archived) PLUS  a RAVE WAVES BRING ON THE SPOTLIGHT radio interview (again the link is to mine with John Fioravanti). It’s like being a rock star or royalty for a whole week of talking about you, your books and your work and just the most amazing experience and confidence boost – all for being consistently generous with your time and support of others, while having fun and making new friends 😀
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5 ~ The BOOKS OF THE MONTH hot seats (3 of ’em!)

Yes, that’s right, we have 3 Books of the Month, every month! This is because with upwards of 400 members and counting and with most of those being authors who often  have more than one book on our catalog there’s an awful lot of books to choose from and we’re not going to run out any time soon. Also, because we’re so heavily into supporting others there has to be some way to reward those go beyond their commitment to read and review 4 books from our catalog (including at least 1 Book of the Month) each year and are active members who show willingness to embrace the support culture. Most of our members find it very easy to meet that basic commitment of course, simply because there’s just so many great books to choose from!
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6 ~ The MEMBER OF THE MONTH hot seat

Member of the Month does what it says on the tin! Your profile, contacts and books are all highlighted on the site for a whole month and we’ll all be singing your praises on social media for the duration. This was my first accolade on RRBC (in fact I was the 2nd person to ever receive the honour after just 6 months of membership, several of which were very low key indeed as I was still shy of going on Twitter at first…) and I must say that it was a wonderful feeling to have everyone talking about me on the networks!
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These are very special indeed! We now have 8, 30 minute shows every month, with a host and guest(s) chewing the fat – on Saturdays:-  AUTHOR SCOOP; BEHIND THE PEN; BEYOND THE COVER and BUY THE BOOK; on one Sunday:- TAG TEAM 2*4*5*; on one Monday:- ASPIRE TO INSPIRE; and on alternate Thursdays:- BRING ON THE SPOTLIGHT and SPOTLIGHT HONORS. If you ever get an invitation to appear on one of these shows then just go for it! It’s a great experience and the time just flies by. Also for our latest show in the line-up, Tag Team 2*4*5* we feature newer members, so it’s not just seasoned stalwarts getting all the limelight!
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8 ~ The #PUSHTUESDAY & #PUSHWEEK hotspots

In the first week of the month we have 2 #PUSHWEEK honorees on Monday and Friday, then on every following Tuesday we have a single supportive #PUSHTUESDAY honoree who’re featured in the sidebar of the site and by email with their twitter contacts and book links and ‘pushed’ all day on social media. It really does work as well – when I had a #PUSHTUESDAY spot I had a small and very welcome sales peak and it was lovely to have my name being mentioned so often!
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9 ~ The MEMBER OF THE WEEK hotspot

Another sidebar feature, the supportive Member of the Week has a week of being lauded all over social media and a whale of a time meeting and greeting all the members who’re returning the favour and supporting them!
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10 ~ The PRESIDENT’S PICKS hotspot 

Again for the sidebar, President’s Pick is also included in our Weekly Club Update email with an extra special mention from our Club President, Nonnie Jules, about their book blurb to whet our appetites – the personal touch never fails to make the recipient feel extra special!
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I hope you can see that these are 10 very good reasons to join RRBC – the place where supporting others gets YOU even more support back from all your new friends and mentors! Believe it or not there are even more fun activities and promotion incentives to be found by being an active part of RRBC, such as month-long Blog and Book Trailer Block Parties, Blog features like Pay It Forward and new ideas for support coming along all the time…
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  1. DITTO! I couldn’t have said it better myself. It’s nice to read these kinds of post because it reminds us of just what we are into.

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