The ‘Bring on the Spotlight’ BTR interview

This will going into the sidebar menu soon as a permanent link to today’s interview that I gave to RRBC’s Blog Talk Radio Producer John Fioravanti. I had a ball on the show – John showed me a great time, asking intelligent, insightful questiond and chuckling whenever I did – he may have just been ultra-polite, but it didn’t sound like it was fake, so thanks for that John! 😉 For RRBC members looking in who may not have heard the interview it’s archive link can be found HERE.
For those who haven’t heard of RRBC before, know that interviews of this kind are part and parcel of the support given to members who’re always there to give freely of their reviews and support of other writer members on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn and many other social networks. That’s not a hard thing to do – in fact it’s fun and extremely rewarding, not only because you receive accolades like being a Spotlight Author, or a Book of the Month and numerous other promotional gigs, but you also get the same support as you’ve given, back to you in shedloads, as other members in turn support YOU in the same way! This marketing and promo work comes as a package with your membership subscription at no extra cost – it’s great way of getting a super marketing team plugging away for you, plus you get to make lots of friends and meet interesting people along the way! Readers are also very welcome to join for a reduced membership fee (how else are we going to get tons of great reviews after all!) so perhaps I’ll be seeing around on RRBC soon!

Here’s my interview anyway – it’s 30 minutes long, but it flew by and I hope you’ll enjoy listening to it 😀


2 thoughts on “The ‘Bring on the Spotlight’ BTR interview

    • Well – it didn’t help that I was so croaky as well… 😐 I’ll hopefully put on a widget for the recorded interview later this week which ought to be a little clearer for us 😉


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