Spotlight Author, Jan Hawke

Thanks so much for putting me up today Craig – much appreciated! 😀 Thanks too for buying my books 🙂 Just to make sure people know, Dreamless Roads isn’t on the RRBC catalog, but it does have lots of quirky short fantasy stories written by myself and several good friends and was the first official title put out by my publishing concern, DreamWorlds Publishing

Entertaining Stories

I actually have a couple of Jan’s book on my TBR list, Milele Safari and a compilation she put together called Dreamless Roads. I’m working in that direction, but you guys know how TBR lists get.

Jan is here today to tell us about Milele Safari.

Milele Safari – An Eternal Journey …twines around a single day, in an unremarkable border village that snuffs out the lives of four people and shatters many others, only to draw the survivors back to a different time and, perhaps, a hope of atonement and peace. Step out on the journey and discover an Africa that could have been, is and might one day come to be.

Sophie’s choices

My pivotal protagonist in Milele Safari is Sophie Taylor, whose fiancé Tom, dies in tragic circumstances during the central incident that all the other main character storylines revolve around.

I didn’t know everything about Sophie…

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6 thoughts on “Spotlight Author, Jan Hawke

  1. I can’ t wait to read this book. I am so far behind from deaths in the family and illness that I’m panicked. Worse, I can’t conscentrate. I’m going to do the easiest reviews now, then I ‘ll try to slip you in. I hate it when I have to put a book I want on hold for ones I don’t really like.

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    • (((Micki))) the TBRR list (2 B read AND reviewed) is a real bummer – I’m so behind on the review side of things it’s almost a huge cosmic joke atm…! 😦
      Please don’t feel bad if you need more time to read Milele Micki – it’s a tough book to read if you’re in a bad place, although there is a strong current of surviving after extreme adversity, so take as much time as you need 🙂


  2. This is brilliant Jan – the ‘interview’ is an excellent way to draw us into the novel – those of us who are not already drawn in, I mean!


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