The 5 Stages of Not Ditching Your Draft Novel #Writers #Amwriting

All too familiar territory…



  1. Emotion. Its been a couple of weeks since you decided to ditch your beloved draft novel. There were too many things wrong with it; a sagging plot, bad grammar and some poorly executedplot twists. You only liked half of thecharactersand if someone asked you to sum up in a sentence what your book was about you would go silent and assume the ‘rabbit in headlights’ writer look. In the middle of a tearful creative tantrum you decided to ditch it. It wasn’t worth saving. So here you are, novel-less, with sore eyes (you have cried into your pillow most nights) and feeling absolutely drained (that emotional support helpline has never received so manyof your late night calls).
  2. Awareness. You try to keep yourself busy; sending emotional emails to your long suffering writing friend, tweeting sad stuff and pinning ‘farewell’ images on Pinterest. During your 100th email, of the week, to…

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