‘Milele Friends’ features unleashed!



Very excited about this new section of the blog! 😀

If you didn’t already know ‘Milele’ is the Swahili word for eternal – or forever. So, this is intended to be a promotional gallery for my Forever Friends, who also happen to be authors, to thank them for their kind (and accurate) reviews of my very first novel.

Support in marketing and promoting a book is really hard work (much harder than writing the book ‘cos that’s too much fun!). However, much more important than touting your work of art around the social networks, is getting people to leave a thorough and unbiased review of your words in places like Amazon, where clicks to buy are literally life-blood for your ‘presence’ on the biggest book shops on the planet. The more people review your book, the more your ratings swell, the more they’ll plug you in the ‘other people who bought this also bought…’ ads, so the more people you simply couldn’t reach any other way, get to know about your book!

A lot of the people who bought Milele Safari are people I’ve reviewed on Amazon and other places as well – so I thought I’d do something a little more permanent to thank them for their support – and these little profiles of them and their work are the result. They’ll be listed below as an ongoing tribute as more reviews come in 🙂
Also, a request – if you’ve reviewed Milele Safari under a reviewer username I won’t necessarily recognise (‘Kindle Customer’ tells me nothing!) please let me know and I’ll add you to the list when I get around to doing your feature 😀







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