HELP!!!! How do #authors with kids EVER write ANYTHING?

After reading  Helen Treharne’s <i>cri de coeur</i> on trying to write with an infant son…

I should count myself lucky that I’m in the ‘can’t happen’ category so far as having my own kids go… However, with an ailing mum/great grandma, I’m now the ‘de facto’ Head of the Clan material and I guess things are going to get bumpy now with the 2nd generation at prime ‘sprogging up’ age! Will be bending all your ears very soon I suspect!

Helen Treharne

This week I have written exactly two things and this is one of them, the other was a post for my “mommy blog”. The third book in the Sophie Morgan series is currently an outline, a detailed one, but an outline nonetheless. Since I had my baby three and a half months ago I’ve added around two pages of actual text to it – by that I mean words which mean things, that include hard thought and craft, rather than “Sophie goes here and picks up a thing and then wotshername comes in and says this… must think of name for wotshername… but she should definitely be a brunette….”.  I have ideas for books and short stories coming out of my proverbial ears but no time. No time I tell you! My “to be read”sleeping-32750_1280 list is growing at a rate that I should be ashamed of. I open…

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6 thoughts on “HELP!!!! How do #authors with kids EVER write ANYTHING?

  1. I had six kids and didn’t write much until they were in their teens. Since I write funny, sometimes sad slice of life stories about them, and now my grand kids, there is no end to the fodder they provide for my short stories. In fact my next book is a collection of them. In retrospect they were a lot funnier, cuter and winsome than in real time. 🙂

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    • Time is a great softener isn’t it! 😉 I’ve read Whippoorwill and was in about equal fits of laughter and tears for most of it, Micki – kids really are a blessing, just not all the time at the ‘sticky’ end! 😀

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    • I was the same with a job, 2 cats and a dog – and I worked from home as well, so I didn’t even have to travel to work! I really don’t know how you Mums cope(d) with or without someone to share the business of raising the little darlings… 😉

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