New, improved book trailer for Dreamless Roads!

From it’s proper place on the DreamWorlds Publishing blog – here’s our re-mastered book trailer with narration!

turning words into Worlds

Well – after the vid promo with RRBC for Dreamless Roads got such great feedback last month, I’ve been tweaking away with adding a narration track to the original  music only trailer (HERE). We had a lot of constructive critique over the descriptions in smaller sized text and some people’s difficulty in de-ciphering it quickly enough (it’s easy to read if you know what’s there before the slide moves on, not so much if it’s your first time!), despite reminders to go full screen etc. It was a couple of comments from sight-impaired viewers that drove the point home for me however, as of course not being able to read the descriptions of the various tales is counter-productive to showing how fab Dreamless Roads really is!

So – here’s the official premiere of the new narration-led Dreamless Roads book trailer, keeping all the old imagery and our lovely music track from

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