RRBC Member of the Month-How I really feel!

The lovely Linda Mims on joining the RRBC Member of the Month club! 😀

The Long and Short Stories of Life

RRBC iconRight about now I can imagine that some members are thinking they could have used that Member of the Month spot. You actually have a book to promote! All I have is a blog that I work at only sometimes. I blogged in an earlier post that Rave Reviews Book Club brought me back to writing. http://lindamims.com/2015/09/18/welcome-to-lindas-rave-reviews-back-to-school-book-and-blog-block-party/

I’m sure the Board chose me for MOM based solely on the support that I give to RRBC’s members. You see, I tweet, retweet, and/or create new book tweets for authors who seldom even notice me. That’s okay. I don’t do it for thanks! Authors are busy on the marketing end when they’re not writing their next book.

When I participate in RRBC’s special Back-to-School Book Blog Party and Book Trailer Block Party, it’s not to win the prizes. It’s because I’m helping to get the word out about what you’re writing.

I follow members’ blogs and FB…

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One thought on “RRBC Member of the Month-How I really feel!

  1. Thanks! We are all so happy to have you with us. I write short stories and only one book, so I know how you feel. But we are writers none the less. Blogging is hard for me so I envy savvy bloggers like you..


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