What planet are you living on?

It’s a bit like – “in my father’s house there are many mansions”, isn’t it? Perspective is always fascinating, whether or not it truly exists, and whether or not it’s your own! 😉

Seasons of Skorn, shadows of the seas: in search of time

During my perfectly wonderful Christmas break, the phrase at the head of this post has been slightly on my mind, as someone on FaceBook asked me that shortly before I went away.  I didn’t know something that the questioner felt everybody should surely know.

Two images arose to help me express what I was thinking and feeling about this, and about how wrong we are to assume that we all know what each other knows, or that people who don’t know what we know are somehow lacking. The first is that British Gas TV ad with peoples’ homes described and pictured as their ‘worlds’ – each family lives on a tiny planet just big enough for one house.  The other image has to be the Venn diagram, which even my non-mathematical mind recalls as a series of overlapping circles denoting areas of commonality between individuals, groups, ideas, just about anything…

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3 thoughts on “What planet are you living on?

  1. Thanks Jan for sharing that and for expecting great things from me! Mutual I’m sure. Roll on the new year of writing adventure.


  2. I am an admirer of yours, Jan Hawke. I just read your blog about what planet you might or might not be on at any given time, and was moved to tell you. I hope you will go on enlightening and delighting us with your perceptive, sensitive and – above all – intelligent blogs through 2016. I have no doubt you will. Perhaps our planetary systems could be ‘twinned’… 🙂


    • All for twinning, Robin! 😀 However, I must quickly deny responsibility for ‘What planet are you living on?’ as it’s a reblog from my good friend, editor and fellow fantasy bard, Sue Bridgwater who must take all the bows. 🙂 She’s fairly new to blogging, but I expect more great things from her so here’s her blog link for you – sarannarandir.wordpress.com/ so you can give her a quick follow and get to know her better – I’m certain we’ll all have much in common! 😀


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