‘Tis the Season ( joy to the World…)

My first solo festive season, but I have a good supply of chocolate, some wine in the fridge and Toby and Benji are both bouncing around now the cooler weather is here!


some of the last photos Pete took of our boys

Although I haven’t finished my NaNoWriMo challenge (I came up short by just over 10,000 words), the writing’s going quite well and I’ll definitely be back into the WiP once we get to New Year, which will also see DreamWorlds Publishing producing another anthology The Qworks to hit the shelves at year end 2016.

December 2015 sees me completely freed from all non-writing obligations (aside from familial ones of course) so I’m going to be pretty busy on here throughout the festering holidays to the end of January! As I was one of the Books of the Month for November on RRBC, I’ll be doing some features on everyone who’s reviewed Milele Safari through until January so watch out for your name coming up on here, even if you’re not an RRBC person 😀

In late December I’ll have 3 short stories published again in the second RRBC Rave Soup for the Writer’s Soul Anthology and my NaNo project – A Freebooter’s Fantasy Almanac – coming out for 2016. This is essentially another anthology, but a solo one this time, putting my back catalogue of fan fiction and poetry out at long last! You can even vote on the cover solution still if you go to the poll I put up a few weeks back.

Well that’s all for this little catch up – lots more posts to come I promise, just maybe not every day this month – after all, celebrating is serious and tiring work and I’ll need some downtime! 😉

8 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season ( joy to the World…)

  1. I’m SO glad to see the U.S. Amazon reviews for “Milele Safari” — consistently perceptive and intelligent, with only one reviewer who seems to have been overwhelmed by the alternating points of view, which she/he mistakenly calls “head-hopping” although that’s not what you’re doing at all.
    Glad too that you’ll now have more time for writing, and looking forward to seeing what you produce!
    My very best wishes to you, Jan, for the upcoming holidays — I hope they’ll bring you the deep joy of their combined meaning, the rebirth of the sun, the dependable resurgence of light after darkness.
    (And BTW, I love these snowflakes!)

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    • Thanks Mary – that’s what Hogswatch is all about! 😉 Hope your winter fire festival rocks as well.
      As for reviews – if 3 stars is negative I’ll take it any day! I think that one got a little fazed by everything, although I dread to think how they’d cope with George Martin as SF&F is their preferred genre… 😉


  2. Just to say Jan, that I hope your memories will cheer you through and make the season celebratory, although in such a different way. Love and hugs xxx

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    • I’m feeling like I’ve dined well but not wisely already – and it’s only the 2nd! 🙂 I think I definitely bit off more than I could chew really but the NaNo challenge was never too serious and I did get 80% of it done in the end so not too shoddy.
      Am looking forward to seeing what you’ve been up to now! 😉


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