It is my privilege today to introduce Rave Reviews Book Club’s Spotlight Author, Michael P. King.

Welcome Michael!

How I Write Book Reviews

Maybe you like to write long reviews; maybe you prefer to write short ones. For me, I find that the book I’m reviewing determines the length of my review. I don’t like to write a plot summary. Nothing against it. It’s just not me. I prefer to set the book in its genre and then try to lay out the key problem or circumstance that drives the book, so that the reader will have a good idea (I hope) of what they are getting into.

But no matter what else I include in a review, if I liked the book, I try to include a phrase or statement in the review that the writer could easily turn into a tweet or a Facebook post. What some people call “the money phrase.” You know what I mean. “If you like . . .” “Deftly plotted . . .” “Complex characters that . . .” etc. Something that will make the tweet or post reader pay attention and click on the link. Don Sloan’s review of The Traveling Man is a classic example of the reviewer doing this sort of thing. Check it out.

Traveling Man Travels Well!

By Don Sloan on October 26, 2015

Not since The Sting paired Redford and Newman has there been a more perfect con artist story than Traveling Man. It’s got everything: high-stakes swindles, smooth-talking operators, clueless marks, corrupt county officials, plenty of sex — The Sting didn’t have that, unfortunately — and a mobster ready to make everyone go away if need be.

Who could ask for more in the plot of a first-rate thriller? Oh, I forgot to mention the doublecrosses — plenty of those are on tap, too, in this well-written debut novel by Michael P. King.

Tom and Patty Brown partner up with fellow con artist Buddy Ray to construct a land development deal that should net them big bucks, even after giving the current landowners, kindly old Mr. and Mrs. Yost, their share, which, according to the original deal, is half the proceeds from sale of the lakefront property to a big developer.

Problem is, the U.S. Air Force, which leased the land a decade earlier, supposedly left it contaminated, thus making it unsalable without a blue ribbon rating from the county. How do the Browns make that happen? Old story. County official videotaped with his pants down. He’s bought and paid for, and the 40 core samples drilled on the land suddenly are Grade A.

 Are you with me so far?

To learn more about Michael P. King, or to purchase The Traveling Man, please visit:


Amazon Author Page:

Twitter handle: @mpking3312 


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