Other Humans Are Just Different Genres, Labelled Badly

Don’t know if this’ll go viral but I’ll help all I can.
As for labels, boxes, bandwagons… it’s all guff and yet human as hell. We’re herd animals and easy to manipulate into gobbling up shite or throwing projectiles at a perceived ‘big, bad’. Dare to be an individual, but remember no (hu)man is an island – and always do your own thinking for yourself I says. Not that anyone listens… grumble… groan… grump…. 😉

Tara Sparling writes

Imagine that you are a writer of romance. Sometimes steamy, sometimes so heart-breaking that grown men in their forties have scowled at you on the street.

Then, imagine that all the people who don’t regularly buy books – which, in case you don’t know, is a far larger number than the book-buying public – think that every single book in the romance genre, including yours, is the exact same as Fifty Shades Of Grey.

If that means nothing to you, let’s say, then, that you are a parent. You are but one out of billions of parents around the world. However, let’s say the biggest cultural event in parenting this year is the blockbuster Mommie Dearest. Suddenly, all non-parental people think that you behave like the titular Mommie. Whenever they see you, they shield their dogs (and it’s nothing to do with your sheepskin gilet).

Last week I was riding high on a

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