Bring It & Make Your Best Pitch!

Archer's Aim

MicrophoneYou’ve agreed to do it. But now you’ve got the shakes. Maybe you feel like your going to faint. You’re going to do a LIVE interview. What were you thinking? What are you going to say?

If you’re like most of us, you’ve never been asked for an interview – certainly not one live. But if you are going to publish books then you should get used to being interviewed on the web, internet radio and regular radio.

Don’t let that initial flash of panic scare you. There are ways to prepare for an interview. It’s good for you to start thinking about what you will say. Michael Hyatt has shared some great tips on making just such preparation and it’s not so difficult.

Last month, I did my first live podcast interview – on camera – with Shawn Griffith via Downhome Thoughts. Here’s how I did:

But how do…

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