‘Letter to My Future Self’ writing contest & How I Bit the Marketing Bullet!!!

Hit this LINK for more information on the contest and the REALLY great prizes up for grabs for the 3 top entries, including $100, a BOOK OF THE MONTH slot & guaranteed entry into the 2nd annual edition of Rave Soup For The Writer’s Soul anthology for first place!

As of today there’s another full week to run for submissions in this super contest, which is open to all members of online community, The Rave Reviews Book Club (RRBC). Entry is $10 and membership (if you haven’t already joined – go HERE and say I sent you!) is $25 for authors. So – $35/around £22.50.

copyright - Thomas Wightman

. . . get their heads above the horizon on the ocean of fiction that’s out there . . .

That’s not a lot to invest if you, like me, are a bit of a wallflower when it comes to ‘building yourself as a brand’, and marketing is almost a dirty word in your vocab! RRBC has been a big learning curve for me, as it’s focus is very different to DreamWorlds in that it’s all about support and networking on… (don’t get all wussy on me now!) Twitter, Facebook and, increasingly, Pinterest. Also on Amazon, because it all started out as a way to get your book(s) on a catalog for people looking for indie books to review. This is a genuine Review Club – no swaps or guaranteed star ratings – just, honest and constructive feedback for new, or indie authors who’re struggling to get readers for their work and rise through those dratted rankings and get their heads above the horizon on the ocean of fiction that’s out there on the cyber shelves. Much easier said than done of course, but of my still meagre review quotient on Amazon over 75% has come from RRBC people – the system works! And make no mistake – I wouldn’t have got those reviews any other way and, as I become more active in the community, my review scores will only grow and grow.

The tweeting side of things was definitely NOT why I joined RRBC just over a year ago. That said, I’ve had my own Twitter account since 2012 and DreamWorlds Publishing now has it’s own account as well (@DW_Publishing if you want to go there and follow – PLEASE!!!). So with reviews that I never would have got otherwise, I joined the RRBC ‘Twitter Support Team’ (TST) which tweets as a group for and to EVERY single member (writer or not) of the club EVERY DAY – I had 2 groups of around 30 people and tweeted them twice a week, along with dozens of other TST people doing the same with their own groups. I started to get to know some of my fellow members better that way and decided to get involved in other activities on that basis – of bonding with fellow members. There were other ways of providing support so, after I was awarded a MEMBER OF THE MONTH seat last Xmas, I became an admin helper as the site monitor (a little like a moderator without the buttons) and just recently, in July this year, have joined the governing board of the club as a Secretary.

I’ve also started blogging on here more regularly as a result of joining RRBC and now have quite a nice following. 😉 In case you hadn’t already guessed, RRBC membership has given me a lot of support in marketing myself and my work, and given me a lot of ideas on how to ‘build my brand’, or at least make a platform from which to do so. Like I said, RRBC has something different to offer than DreamWorlds, but it’s highly complementary, which is why I’m featuring them on the LinkedIn DreamWorlds Writers Collective Group today as a way of getting the message across that you DON’T need a massive budget, or a lot of personal nous to market yourself. You can find most of what you need in unexpected places, AND have fun and make new friends in the process. DreamWorlds functions as a publishing house, not as a marketing consultancy – RRBC is MY chosen route to spreading the word on my personal interests. RRBC are basically people like us who’ve learned about marketing by experimentation, and are still on their own learning curve – they’re just much further ahead than I am at it! 😀

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