Surfing the Rave Waves of the Indie Ocean of Excellence!

If you haven’t yet cottoned onto the wonderful indie book community known as the Rave Reviews Book Club, or are still mulling over whether to join up – here’s SEVEN reasons to start swimming into the warm currents with this fast-growing and very dynamic group of people, joined in a shared passion for great books.

Whether you’re a writer or a reader (or, as most of us are, BOTH!) there’s so many reasons to enjoy membership of this excellent club that’s the beautiful bouncing brainchild of indie author, publisher and promoter, NONNIE JULES who opened up her own reviewing blog to other like-minded souls in December 2013 and has been going and growing strong ever since by profiling, promoting and propelling indie books and authors. It’s not just about the reviews however. We have tons of other activities, including blog tours, writing competitions, author features and interviews happening online, but it’s our latest exciting venture onto the air waves of the Web with bright and breezy interviews and discussions with SEVEN – yes, 7! different 30 minute radio shows hosted every month, and which anyone can participate in, through the dedicated Twitter hashtag feeds… So, without further ado here’s where the greatest online Indie surf goes on and how YOU can dive right in there!


Host – John Fioravanti with Bethany Turner, John Howell and guests
Air time – Every 4th Monday of the month at 11am CST

John started a series on his blog called “MY INSPIRATION”  featuring inspirational quotes from a wide variety of inspiring authors and speakers.  From these quotes, John shares his interpretation of the author’s message.

John has such a way of inspiring and lifting others up, that we felt his messages would be of great benefit, and should be shared with our members and the world.  From these messages, it is our goal to inspire and wake up the greatness inside of every writer, hence the name of the show, ASPIRE TO INSPIRE.

We hope that these messages will encourage you to live your life and write your story, your way.  

Join the conversation by tweeting in on #RRBCAspireToInspire

reason 2 ~ AUTHOR SCOOP

Host – Harmony Kent with Bethany Turner, Marlena Hand, John Howell, Beem Weeks and John Fioravanti
Air time – Every 4th Saturday of the month at 12 noon CST

Are you fans of “THE VIEW” talk show?  How about “THE TALK?”  Well, we are bringing the same format to our RAVE WAVES BlogTalk Radio Show! Join our hilarious hosts as they get together around a virtual table in our BlogTalk Radio studios to “dish” the scoop on our members!  Now, our scoop is not of the trashy tabloid kind…Oh no, our scoop is the GOOD SCOOP on all the great things our members are doing!

Join the conversation by tweeting in on #RRBCAuthorScoop

reason 3 ~ BEHIND THE PEN

Host – Bethany Turner
Air time – Every 1st Saturday of the month at 12 noon CST

This is a relaxed conversation between Bethany and her guest so we can all get to know the person ‘behind the the pen’ a little better – what gets them excited and what floats their boat!

Join the conversation by tweeting in on #RRBCBehindThePen


Host – Beem Weeks
Air time – Every 2nd Saturday of the month at 12 noon CST

A picture might paint a thousand words but there’s an awful lot more than that goes into a bookful! Beem Weeks gets his guests to open up on the hidden delights and depths beyond those book covers and drills down to the nitty gritty of the writing process, research methods and inspiration that goes into the mix when publishing that opus.

Join the conversation by tweeting in on #RRBCBeyondTheCover

reason 5 ~ BUY THE BOOK

Host – Marlena Hand
Air time – Every 3rd Saturday of the month at 12 noon CST

It’s all about the book… Host Marlena Hand in deep discussion with her guest author – all about their book and why YOU should buy it! This is a super opportunity to showcase your book and what makes it so great, or the ideal place to discover the next best ‘MUST GET’ for your reading shelf.

Join the conversation by tweeting in on #RRBCBuyTheBook


Host – John Fioravanti
Air time – Every ‘Spotlight Author Week’ Thursday  at 11am CST

Twice a month RRBC turns the spotlight on one of our most deserving authors for a whole week of guest blog posts celebrating their work and getting to know the person a little better. On the same day that the Spotlight Author gets a blog interview with RRBC President NONNIE JULES, John Fioravanti hosts them live in conversation on BlogTalk Radio – it’s why the Spotlight Author’s the hottest promotional seat in the club, and a fantastic way to put some ‘oompf’ into your online presence!

Join the conversation by tweeting in on #RRBCBringOnTheSpotlight


Host – John W. Howell
Air time – Every Thursday between ‘Spotlight Author Weeks’  at 11am CST

King of the fun hangouts, John W. Howell gets close up and personal with RRBC member authors who’ve lived huge lives and have big stories to tell!

Join the conversation by tweeting in on #RRBCSpotlightHonors

Now, I hear you ask, how would I get on one of these shows?  Well this is where belonging to a great community like RRBC comes into it’s own!  Yes, it helps to have been chosen as a Book of the Month, a Spotlight Author, or Member of the Month but the real secret to making the most of your RRBC membership is to JOIN IN with the great activities and promotions that the club has to offer and, as well as making friends and having a whole lot of fun with people who’ve got a lot in common with you, you’ll find a host of folk who love to support their fellow members on social media, especially Twitter, on their blogs and sharing ideas and problems in the discussion pages and online chatrooms. Then one day YOU might find yourself talking live on a RAVE WAVES show or having your tweet read out on air by our wonderful fun-loving hosts!

How do I know this? Well look up this page on the right a bit and you can listen to the recording of my own BEYOND THE COVER interview that got some much needed exposure for my book Milele Safari a few months after I was Member of the Month. How did I do that? I reviewed some books I’d probably have read anyway, tweeted support for some of the lovely people I’ve met in RRBC, submitted some poems to the Rave Soup for the Writer’s Soul Anthology and just had a great time joining in with the fun activities we have in the Club. It’s certainly the best $25 I’ve invested in raising my author profile and invaluable in terms of knowledge, empathy and encouragement from other authors and readers.

What have you got to lose aside from a few bucks a year? Get along to RAVE REVIEWS soon, join up, say that I sent you, then get straight into the swim on that indie surf board!

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