Can of Squirmy Worms…

And Tara’s blog post replies are still going through the roof! lol

Here’s just what I had to say by way of comment – which on Tara’s site means quite a long convo… 😀

  • Oh Tara, Tara, Tara… lol Nobody’s listening to you and you have 45 comments and 34 likes within a few hours of posting this? *wags finger and chuckles*
    For all kinds of reasons you’re right of course. From a ‘serious’ author’s viewpoint, whether that’s qualified as you want to make a living at it, and/or you want to be known as a writer of great books – giving it away (and 99p is DEFINITELY giving it away) has to be a no-brainer for even the least economically minded numpty (me in other words).
    Loss leaders are to get people to change their shampoo/laundry detergent/fast food habit NOT for a piece of your internal landscape/life experience/soul and yes, I include non-fiction in that cachement – you’ve put time and effort in and that HAS to cost, even if it’s not too much at first. A couple of currency units may not have much gravitas but hey – you haven’t got a rep yet, so of course you’re NOT going to make much of a profit at first, but a sensible priced item is part of establishing your credentials and starting in the bargain basement ain’t saying too much about you except that you’re prepared to ‘do it for nothing’.
    Have some pride – whores get paid, so why shouldn’t you for all your hard work? Even if you live in an ivory tower, don’t care about the money and just love to write doesn’t mean to say your work is priceless – literally. Get real and take no crap – you deserve to get something back for putting yourself out there especially if you self-publish as the deal is that FAME COSTS! If it costs you so should your oeuvre cost the reader – get cracking with those omelettes! 😉

    I think that’s a great point, Jan, that what works for so-called fast-moving consumer goods doesn’t necessarily work for books. And loss leaders only work if they’re pulling in sales in other areas. If they don’t, they’re just losses!

    And in the time it took me to write all that your stats went up to 78 comments and 55 likes & counting. What are you LIKE woman! 😀

    I’m trying a new strategy, Jan. I call it mass dehumanising cyberhypnotism. It’s completely illegal but immeasurably enjoyable 😉


    And then of course I had another thought…

    Not changing my mind in any way about freebie downloads on retail sites, but I think there IS a place in your marketing strategy for giveaways NOT on Amazon et al if you put excerpts, teasers, chapter releases and/or shorts on your own platform (so blog or whatever). That way you’re engaging with the VIEWER in a personal way in an arena where there’s no expectation of payment, other than in time or commentary.
    It makes more sense as it’s happening in an area you control, where there’s no competing lures from other titles and authors, so at least you have a chance of catching the idle passer by with just the one shop window – the trick is of course getting them there in the first place… but that’s another marketing tale. 😀

    Light blue touch paper and retire… 😉

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