Paying It Forward for – MAUREEN K. HOWARD

Pay It Forward Week is the brainchild of author Bethany Turner that’s been adopted by the Rave Reviews Book Club to profile, promote and propel a different fellow club member to a place in the sun for a whole day via our blogs, social networks and websites during this week. Today it’s my great delight and honour to present two of RRBC’s most supportive and fun people, the wonderful mother and daughter writing team, MAUREEN KOVACH and BRIGETTE HOWARD


Maur-BrigMaureen K. Howard is the pen name of mother/daughter writing partners, Maureen Kovach and Brigette Howard. They both live in Findlay, Ohio with great husbands and dogs.
Maureen recently retired from a long career as a high school English teacher focusing on American Literature, writing in all modes, and some fun elective classes like Mystery Lit. and Fantasy Lit. These days, she focuses her time on spoiling her three granddaughters, spending long weekends at the lake with her husband and their golden doodle, Joe, and making friends with fellow mystery writers and readers across the globe via social media. Oh yeah, she also writes books.
Brigette works full time managing multiple national restaurant franchises. She has a knack for making employees want to come to work and motivating them through fun competitions and contests. She enjoys taking her charcoal lab, Isabella, on running adventures and spends her free time reading, gardening with her husband, cooking, and planning the perfect murder.
Maureen and Brigette published their first humorous mystery novel, Sunny Side Up in November, 2014. it is the first book in a series featuring best friends, Francie and June, and their thwarted attempts at enjoying some relaxing fun at the lake. Somehow, they end up in the middle of a criminal investigation involving arson, murder, and a scheme involving designer knock-off merchandise.



“Drink in one hand, credit card in the other, and everything else will sort itself out.”
The school year is over and the article deadlines have been met, so best friends, Francie and June, ditch their business attire, grab their flip flops, and head to the lake for some fun in the sun.
Instead of enjoying a relaxing Memorial Day weekend at Kelleys Island on Lake Erie, this dynamic duo finds themselves in the middle of a murder investigation. They need to find out who burned down their friend’s store, discover the identity of the charred corpse found in the wreckage, and clear Francie’s husband, Hamm, before he is charged with the crime.
Fueled up with their favorite snacks of wine and cheese, these adventure-loving ladies manage to keep their eyes open for a bargain, come up with a plan, and even indulge in a bit of romance, all while dodging increasingly dangerous attempts to silence them for good.
Grab your sunglasses, your favorite cocktail, a copy of Sunny Side Up, and head to the lake with them for an unforgettable weekend adventure.


5 STARS ~ I did enjoy this book immensely

June 16, 2015
I did enjoy this book immensely. Loved loved LOVED the June character. Reminded me of a young (very young) me. The setting was to die for! (Pun intended). Just when you have relaxed and are floating along with the bucolic atmosphere BAM. Well written. The end had me scratching my head … why didn’t I think of that? It was actually staring me in the face for a while and the writing was artful enough that I never even saw it! By the way, what’s a chocolate martini taste like? Now I have to go out and try one!


5 STARS ~ Great beach read

June 19, 2015
This is a fun cozy with amateur sleuths who reminded me of Lucy and Ethel. I laughed out loud at some of their antics- especially those involving the inflatable rafts! The setting is beautifully described- I felt as though I was on vacation right along with Francie and June.
At the back of the book Ms Sanders reveals that it is her first venture into fiction and I shall be looking out for her next; this is not perfect, but I read it to the end on a day when I planned to do other things.

Find out much more about MAUREEN and BRIGETTE and their work on

the website

the blog



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