Pimp my blog…

… OK – so I’d caught the ‘parsimonious’ Cornish ways where this blog was concerned, but with my first ever bona fide author interview under my belt courtesy of RRBC’s new media focus RAVE WAVES on BlogTalkRadio yesterday I gave myself a good talking to this afternoon and went and splashed out on upgrading the old WordPress account! 😮

Soooo… we have some minor tweaks as far as fonts and colour-ways go, but the main thing is that I can now offer proper audio and video capability instead of doing a YouTube link cop out! 😛 The interview link in the post below this is now all ship-shape and I’ve just uploaded the Milele Safari slideshow file so, for the first time I can offer you a proper embedded vid on here! 😀

Today I’ve also been battling the printer with a hard reference copy of our first DreamWorlds submitted title (so not a DreamWorlds project but an ISBN trade off) for author Cyndi Botha, so I guess I’m finally starting to feel like a real publishing pro again. The business account has had a little boost too, as I’ve finished the major formalities with the ‘estate’, so there’ll be a few pennies running around looking for a good home over the next few months that are related to publishing in general (a new tablet that’ll work with my projector and the full package of Adobe Creative tricks for one). But I’ll still be taking baby steps with things as these past couple of months have taken a toll on my physical energies as well as the emotional as there are still things I’m adjusting to.

By and large though I’m feeling OK in myself – even a bit pleased thanks to my family, and friends like Sueranna and the guys on the board at RRBC, who’ve been buoying me up when I’ve been in danger of falling through the cracks what is laughingly known as ‘situation normal’. Big, big, wet kissy thanks to Liz Gavin for being such a great host and presenter on ‘Beyond the Cover’ yesterday. It was the premiere show, so both of us were nervous as Liz had never done a show solo before – it went by like lightning with none of my fears of ‘drying up’ coming true. In fact Liz had difficulty in keeping me from gabbling on like the chatterbox I’m so generally NOT! 😀

Next time though (yes, there’ll be a next time for sure 🙂 ) I’m going on be on warm honeyed drinks for hours and hours before I square up to a mic’ – I was croaking like the proverbial bull-frog from start to finish!!! 😮

I’ll pause there for a bit of well-deserved ‘rave on’ praise for Rave Reviews Book Club – it really is such a fantastic profile-raising resource for networking numpties like myself! lol  If someone had told me this time last year, when things were so much more relaxed and hopeful on ‘Planet Janette’, that I’d be interviewed on a live radio show I’d have laughed in their face in disbelief.

Just by joining a book review club geared towards supporting and promoting indie authors and publishers has opened so many doors for me and let me find new friends and some really great and original books and writers.
I began in a very small way, just doing the reviews and a little bit of tweeting (my twitter following was barely in double figures then – now it’s in the  high 700s, even with me being ultra-picky with follow-backs!) but once I’d got used to things I joined the Twitter Support Team and got to know more wonderful people who’d realised that the more you embrace and support others, the more you get back in return… It really is that easy.

I can’t recommend joining RRBC enough to new indie authors, or people who just enjoy a darned good book or three… get yourself over there now and have a good rootle around at all the great things the club has to offer!

… and do say I sent you! 😀

Well – that’s it for now guys. Now that things are winding down a little for me and I’m able to draw breath again and look to spending more time on the writing side of things, I’m hoping to be able to spare more time for ‘interfacing’ with online friends and colleagues again – I really have missed it and I’m looking forward to getting back to what passes for normal again! 😀

7 thoughts on “Pimp my blog…

  1. Brilliant Jan, I’ve been thinking I should take the same leap with my Skorn blog too, even though I still don’t understand everything about using it in its current manifestation, despite enormously helpful advice from you and from Louise 🙂

    Confession – I haven’t listened in yet, RL has been ridiculously busy but will try to do it today. Well done!

    Liked by 1 person

    • We’re both cut from the same cloth Sue – the DreamWorlds blog would be getting ready to graduate to the infant and junior school any day now. so I’m not exactly making like The Flash in the blog club here! 😉
      Slowly, Slowly, catchee monkey… 😛


    • Oh John! (((hugs))) Thanks so much for dropping by – 😀
      Will be tweeting this like mad once I whip that vid into submission – my upload capacity out here in deepest darkest Cornwall is positively in the Stone Age! >< lol


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