Starting an Author Platform Pt. 7: Why an Author Book Club Can Help

As a fellow Rave Reviews Book Club afficianado I’m fully behind these thoughts 😀

Archer's Aim

It’s been several weeks since I wrote about this series. However, I’ve had this topic on my mind for a while so I thought I’d address it today.

A book club for authors (as well as readers) can be a valuable piece of a writing platform that is often over-looked. The club can provide many resources for a writer. First I’ll share from the experiences I’ve had with my own club membership with Rave Reviews Book Club and then I’ll address things which you should consider before joining any such club/organization.

Here are a number of benefits AgreementI’ve found important as a member of a book club:

1. It’s largely a community of supportive authors interested in promoting each other from the strength of a group. This is very important since Rave Reviews Book Club now has over six hundred member. What I share over social media is vastly amplified…

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