My glittering career…?

Well – I’m officially no longer a literary promo virgin having signed and sold 1 copy of Milele Safari in Kingsbridge on National Libraries Day last weekend (Sat Feb 7th). 😀 And in case you’re wondering, my tongue is most definitely NOT embedded in my cheek over this low key public appearance premiere because I was more than prepared to come back not having signed or sold anything at all! lol
Sue, who negotiated the gig as well, shared in the novel (fnarr! 😉 ) experience and did the best of all 4 indie author/publishers who were there, signing and selling 2 copies of Perian’s Journey because of its broad appeal for all children between 10-110 years old 😀  We all enjoyed the experience and spoke to loads of people including the Friends of Kingsbridge Library and local bookclubs, some of whom had been reading Kathy Shuker’s books. Women’s fiction author Michelle Heatley from Brixham also pressed a lot of hands and let us in on the secret to making Fish Soup (aka bouillabaisse!).

Seriously, those of you who do know me will appreciate that doing something like a book signing would once have reduced me to a large quivering ball clinging to the pillow in my bedroom for several days so this was a major step for me and, like most things when you’ve ‘steeled yourself’ to get round to it, nothing like as daunting as your pathetic neuroses have built it up to be. 😛 Anyway – spurred on by this major event I’ve done some further sprucing of the Milele Safari slideshow/book trailer and  so, gentle readers, here’s a preview of the ‘proper’ trailer I put up on YouTube last night! 😀


Would be delighted to have feedback on this, especially if you know how to put slower, gentler ‘fades’ on in Flash – it drove me nuts!


13 thoughts on “My glittering career…?

  1. Speaking of libraries made me, the retired librarian, think of Well someone has to. It’s the world’s biggest library catalogue so I thought I’d see if I could trace any copies of Perian in any libraries. There still seem to be 6 – 8 copies of the hardback here and there in the UK, but I was concerned to see that there were mistakes in the record for the 2nd (2014) edition. Wrong pubisher (albeit an excellent one that lives not far from me) 🙂 and no mention of my co-author Alistair. I suggest you check your entries on there, I have emailed to ask for the changes to be made, but it’s a big bewildering site so not that easy to find where to send an email in the first place!

    On a more positive note, remember to be creative when seeking retail outlets. In my nearest shopping town, some trial copies of Perian are now on sale in the Deli (!) and two other non-bookshops are mulling over whether to join them. How friendly is your nearest baker???


    • I’ll try and get that listing glitch sorted with Nielsens as that’s most likely where the info has come from on the worldcat site. Nielsens have been switching over to a new cataloguing system and I need to re-do the registration, but when I tried the other day it wouldn’t let me log in and make changes.
      Hopefully it won’t take long to get this fixed now. 🙂


  2. I must endorse Jan’s experience, my ‘Inner I’ would rather stay in bed for a week when contemplating the thought of going out and talking to people, but actually the people we met were lovely. For me it was very reminiscent actually sitting in the library, and as I constantly kept saying, ‘And I don’t have to tidy the shelves!’ There’s a good library system out there in spite of al the cuts and reductions they’ve suffered and as authors we have to remember that they need our support well as us needing theirs. I try to emphasise when I mention my work to people that it’s online, in shops, or ‘you could reserve a copy at your local library.’ After all the library then has to buy one copy at least. 🙂

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    • Thanks Liz 🙂 It was fairly low-key but the people were all so nice and really interested in the whole indie publishing process and how it does what the ‘big boys’ aren’t interested in – new and quirky work from great writers. Made a few converts anyway

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