Proper job?


How me reading public have hitherto ‘seen’ me!

This coming Saturday is where my writing career becomes a proper job… Myself and Sue Bridgwater (together we are the backbone of DreamWorlds Publishing’s editorial team) are going to be signing our books, Milele Safari and Perian’s Journey respectively, and the Dreamless Roads anthology at Kingsbridge Library in sunny South Devon (well sun on snow possibly 😛 ).

With both us being ‘senior’ authors with walking sticks to match, this is something new and strange, because, up until now we thought that writing was mostly all about writing. In these times however, especially if you’re an independent author sans agent and publishing house, the business of promotion and marketing are in nobody’s hands but our own, and so, for the last month and more we’ve been occupied with the usually unwriterly tasks of sending off files to POD printers and Kindle Direct Publishing and ordering flyers and other bulk material from Vistaprint to prepare for ‘getting our faces out there’ literally. No more hiding in our studies, or in our online boltholes, but literally doing meeting and greeting and trying to interest real people, with wallets, in our wares…

Yeah – you’re right. We’re pretty reticent, if not downright scared (I know I AM scared but can’t speak for Sue of course), about the whole business side of writing and yet we’re at the point of doing the real thing – point of sale interfacing with potential readers! This may seem semi-glamourous – after all this is what proper famous authors do, even if it’s a fairly low-key venue, but of course we’ve had to organise this all on our own-ios, not having professional meedya-type gophers to see to it all for us and merely have to show up, wield a pen and smile a lot for a few hours. A big step indeed and exciting in all kinds of way, including the worried sick, stage-fright ones…

Anyway – we’re committed and nothing short of a full-bodied dump of more than a half inch of snow on Friday night will stop our first honest-to-gawds signing gig going ahead. One of the nicer things I’ve been prepping over the last several days is a slideshow of my book to show off, so I thought I’d give us a bit of a premiere in here, in advance, for your elucidation and entertainment – see, I really am a ‘proper job’ author now! Here’s the link to it anyway –


I’m seeing about getting it on YouTube but that’s going to take a little more time so, if you do have a gander, let me know what you think (warts and all) so I can tinker with any constructive suggestions 🙂

4 thoughts on “Proper job?

  1. Wow, Jan — and Sue! What a beautiful slideshow! Jan, that little shack with the tin room is EXACTLY what I had pictured when I read the book, even the same position from the other buildings and the clearing. Either you did a perfect job of setting that scene or I’m psychic…. :0

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  2. Yep, tis really real! With floats and order forms and business cardsand everything. And you can teach an old dog new tricks as long as you let her take it slowly. 😀

    This is just the beginning……………………


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