Bowing to the inevitable?

$ ker-ching! ?


Well it kind of feels like it, but it’s an experiment with eBook marketing that could pay off and make it more flexible for limited period sales discounting and giveaway offers… In other words I’ve put both eReader versions of Milele Safari and Dreamless Roads on Kindle Direct Publishing Select exclusively – and taken them off sale with Barnes & Noble (and given up trying to set up an Apple iBook seller account because, quite frankly it’s too bloody finicky for words and life’s too short 😦 ).

So – all ePub eggs in one basket, floating down the Amazon for now and that way we can sell at a very attractive commission rate all over the world and make some natty little loss leader offers on occasion or as pop quiz on competition prizes down the line. Don’t ask when – I’m exhausted with playing hospital chauffeur today through sleet and driving snow (and that’s a whole other story not to ask about! 😛 ) so my brains going bye-byes now with a packet of choccy covered peanuts ;-).

For those  of you who can make neither head nor tail of the above, check out our publications listings page where it may begin to make some kind of sense – this doesn’t affect the paperbacks BTW. They’re all over still! 😀

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