Refloating the blog boat!

Champagne-popHere we go again!

Well – if you’ve been dropping by lately you’ll have noticed a build up in activity (with posting anyway 😉 ). What with releasing a new anthology (Dreamless Roads) and new paperback and eReader editions of  Perian’s Journey  for my friends Sue Bridgwater and Alistair McGechie over the festive period, and simultaneously enjoying 31 days in the sun as December’s Member of the Month for a book club (see The beauty of joining Rave Reviews post) things got a little busy and almost too exciting in author-land, and I’ll admit that January’s been all about catching my breath a bit…

…but the chest isn’t heaving quite so much now and I’m finally giving in gracefully to the idea that no one is going to wax lyrical (or silly, even) about my writing unless I have a go at it as well. First. So no more excuses that I’m shy (hah!), or haven’t got the time (not true), or the energy (true, for a certain value of true) even though it’s well established by now that I AM the laziest person on the planet when  it comes to doing stuff I really don’t want to. 😦 Getting more active, and serious, about my chosen career as an author can’t be postponed anymore, because I’m certainly not getting any younger, or physically fitter, though I’m working on that one so things may improve there later in the year. So – today is the day that the blog boat refloats officially and I launch into a hitherto new experience of being my own promo machine!!! Yeah! Right… There’ll even be some guests along next month courtesy of RRBC 🙂

It starts here, today anyway and Saturday week sees me going off to sunny South Devon with Sue for a signing at Kingsbridge Library – other local authors will be there and selling their wares too so it’ll be a good testing of the ‘official’ marketing thingie in action for us. We’re going to the pub afterwards so at least we have something to look forward to and maybe (if we’re lucky) have some spends for DreamWorlds Publishing’s first true literary luncheon – we writers ARE optimists after all! 😀

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