The beauty of joining Rave Reviews…

… I first heard about the Rave Reviews Book Club (RRBC) from a contact on LinkedIn, but it’s social network of choice is undoubtedly Twitter. Which is why I hesitated over joining because Twitter was not something I embraced easily – however the main attraction was that RRBC is all about indie authors buying other author’s books and, well, reviewing them on Amazon and other online retail edifices. It’s also a club for non-authors who like to read something different which, of course, is what the indie publishing fraternity is all about.

Those who know me will realise that this type of setup isn’t generally my ‘cup of tea’ and to be honest, as joining was free back then, I wasn’t at all convinced that it was for me but was prepared to dibble my toes in the water for a bit and see what happened. I joined because I knew I had to do more about developing my author platform, as I just wasn’t reaching too many READERS. And I knew, despite my very British reservations, that Twitter is where you can connect with a lot of people, very quickly and with minimum effort IF you can interact with like-minded people who, like me want their book reviewed and TALKED ABOUT.

So I joined about 6 months ago and I’ve reviewed a lot of books (read about them HERE). I’ve also got myself around 675 followers on Twitter that I wouldn’t have reached without RRBC (I only had 28 before I joined). And 3 of the people I’ve reviewed have returned the favour, including two 5 star ones. Which doesn’t sound like a lot except I have a grand total of 8 reviews on Amazon for my debut novel Milele Safari – so a third from people I wouldn’t have met otherwise. In December I was chosen as RRBC’s Member of the Month and had a dedicated promo day on Twitter – I had several people singing my praises and lots of re-tweets over the Xmas period and on the promo day I landed 9 Kindle sales as a direct result – which may not sound a lot, but believe me that doubled my sales for the rest of last year and could double my Amazon reviews in a few weeks as well… So I’m slowly getting the word out about my book, getting my face known on Twitter more and thrive in a supportive, pro-active community of indie publishing fans. All in all I’m glad I signed up for free and was happy to pay a full membership fee and join the RRBC Twitter Support Team to support other members by sending out a dozen or so Tweets every week. And that’s why I got the Member of the Month gig and got my face, website and this blog out there a bit more too! 😀

So that’s the PR – here’s the ad. RRBC are always looking for new members and fresh new talent. They’re having a recruitment drive this month and if you’d like to learn more about enlarging your network and potential fanbase then take a look at this LINK and then, if you’d also like to dibble your toes, GO HERE. Annual author membership costs $25 (£16.50) and non-author is $10 (£6.60). For that you get free listing of up to 3 books in the catalog and free peer support and cheerleading – the more you do, the more you get back!  

And mention that I sent you – there’s a Book of the Month slot up for grabs for the member who does most recruiting! 😉

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