Cataracts of Relief

My eyes have been sore recently – not surprising really considering I’ve been beavering away at getting the anthology ready to go all through December and also putting the finishing touches to my friend Sue Bridgwater’s second edition of Perian’s Journey (co-written with Alistair McGechie). So I wasn’t too disturbed about getting some eye-strain until New Year’s Eve when my left eye went all blurry and stayed that way for over a week. It was only for close work – distance was OK as my right eye compensated pretty well.

I made an appointment with the opticians, worrying that it could be something serious as it was the central vision that was effected (macular degeneration for instance… 😦 ) and of course that did the trick and my left eye went back to normal over a day or so – but I was worried and kept the appointment anyway.

Long story short there’s the beginnings of cataracts in both eyes and, as my near and distance prescription’s changed since my last visit in June last year, and because, all joking aside, I need good vision to do what I do for a living the optician’s given me a referral for my GP to take up so I can get on a surgical list a.s.a.p. Ironic that I’m so relieved, as I have a real phobia about things even touching my eyes, so normally sharp pointy things (or laser beams) anywhere near my optics would leave me retching and shaking like a jelly. 😦 My maculas are, I’m assured, perfectly OK – if it had been MD, things might have been so very different, although I would be in with a good chance that the deterioration would have been caught well in time. Nevertheless, I’m still a little bit in shock over things as my sight is so precious to me, both as a reader and as a graphics person.

The good old NHS being what it is, it’ll be a few months before anything’s done, so I’m going to get a new pair of bi-focals next week just for screen work – this is unusual apparently as generally vari-focals are for reading/distance vision, but of course I’m awkward and need it for reading and mid-distance. Fetching shades of graduated purple the new specs, and Deirdre Barlow big…


Anyway – it’s good to know why my eyes are playing up and that it’s something fixable and not permanent, so I’m just going to take things nice and calmly and try not to tire my poor lil’ peepers out too much for a while. 😀

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