Guess what?

I didn’t make it in here to do writerly stuff for over a week…. However – the reason was because I WAS writing! Yup! Honest injun and hand on heart, I’m over the 75% mark to 1000 words for a short story (it was going to be 500 words but it’s kind of sci-fi and so the words were proportionately longer and there for effect… 😦 ). So – I’m still on course with the old NY resolution if not bang on the nose for coming in here *blushes furiously*

So what have I been writing then? Well, aside from it being sci-fi, it’s also a fleshing out of the back history for the stalled WIP novel series which is technically ‘green’ fantasy (which could include a bit of sci-fantasy I suppose) but then I’ve never been too bothered about getting my genre knickers in a twist. I’ve not worked on this for a year or so now as my time’s been taken up with Milele and then the anthology and just getting used to being a bona fide author-publisher. And blogs are now going to be carrying the focus for that as I’ve also got blogs for Milele and the anthology and soon for this new novel as well. But for now this short story’s helping me to get my head around how the future world works and where the characters come from and how their hierarchies will pan out. It’s good to do some actual creative writing again – I must do it some more!

The blog for the new novel? Watch this space kiddies 😉

5 thoughts on “Guess what?

    • Ah – that’d be the ecological variety 😛 The novel will be set in the far future at the edges of the explored galaxy, but with a ‘manufactured’ archaic culture that has a taboo on high-tech tools. Bit like Firefly in some respects, without the interplanetary side and will have retro-ancient Eurasian societies 😉


      • Hmm. Thanks. Reason I asked — I get confused about genres, subgenres, sub-sub… well, you know. Your novel sounds like SF, to me, rather than fantasy, but I know there’s a pretty blurred boundary between the two.

        And… Firefly? Piers Anthony? Or is there another, and another huge gap in my reading?


      • Firefly was a short-lived Joss Whedon TV series and a conclusive movie (see ) which had a ‘western’ space frontier theme. The short story’s definitely sci-fi but the novel’s going to have more of a tribal/pre-medieval feel to it 😉


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