In with the new?!

It’s that day again… You know – the one that comes around quicker and quicker once you get to that ‘certain age’. Resolution day – out with the old in with the new – urgh!
When I was little my mum used to uphold the tradition that whatever you did on NYD you’d be doing it all year long. This usually meant that we spent the 1st day of year doing easy-going, nice stuff like polishing off the last of the Christmas goodies, visiting with the extended family, and watching movies on the telly, or even at the cinema. When we were very small we often got taken to see a pantomime, which was always a real treat. As you get older of course, even NYD loses it’s sparkle, especially if you’re suffering a dousie of a Hogmanay hangover, and the thought of making untenable resolutions is something that’s guaranteed to get your stomach churning even more ferociously – so you end up not bothering. Sensible person that you are, you just plonk some alka-seltzer in a glass and burrow back down into duvet when you can’t face The Great Escape for the umpty-umph time.
Well, my NYDs of late have been very modest and (mostly) pretty sober affairs. I do sometimes give myself a bit of an appraisal, usually ending with a good internal talking to about pulling socks up etc. Today however, I’m in a more thoughtful, even fanciful frame of mind and so I’ve decided that, yes, I will make a resolution for once – but it’s going to be one that I’ll want to keep and should find it easy enough to follow through on. So – you heard it here first! This year I’m going to work on a writing project every day, even if it’s only for five minutes. Just that, but it’s meaningful and productive and, hopefully, something I won’t find a chore to keep up. 😀

Notice I didn’t say I’d write every day. A writing project isn’t just about writing of course. It involves thinking, plotting and planning for research, character development etc, etc – all sorts of things that don’t necessarily mean you’re writing something down. I mean, I’m writing this now, but it’s not what I’d call an actual writing project… Although maybe it is? Being an ‘indie’ writer/publisher, anything that supports the writing process is part of the project and there’s no doubt that things like blogging (and, to a degree, social networking, although that’s something I personally can’t ever embrace fully) are a necessary vehicle to connect with other writers/publishers and, more importantly perhaps, potential readers. I think connection’s a better description of what I want to do in the way of marketing or self-promotion – not in a snooty ivory tower way, but in a quieter, more intimate way that’s more ‘me’.

So in with the new blog and this time I’m going to try and keep it going at least 2 or 3 times a week (another of my childhood mottos was ‘if you’ve nothing to say, keep it buttoned’ :-/). No promises or regular slots, just a bit of effort every few days or so 😉 – talk again real soon then! 😉

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