I’m a MoM! (Member of the Month)!

Rave Review Book Club’s  MEMBER OF THE MONTH!.

No, no, noooooo! – this isn’t a minor miracle of nature, or indeed science. lol 😉 This summer I joined online book and review community Rave Reviews Book Club and have embraced their mission statement that ‘those who are most supportive – get most support!’ by reading lots of new indie authors and expanding my reading preference horizons as a result, since I’ve been buying 1 click eBooks like a maniac and done at least 20 x 3 to 5 star reviews now. It’s been a revealing experience actually, as normally I’d run a mile from anything with YA attached to it (young adult if you didn’t already guess), especially romances and, in general, who-dun-its of various stripes. Crime certainly does pay for authors still! There are some really great and original writers out there (to be scrupulous there’s some less so still, but with good stories to tell) and so – as I’m getting a ton of fuzzy, warm, free support from all the hugs, tweets and emoticons, I thought it was about time I started to blog some of these reviews to share more personally with my non-book club circle of friends…

And yeah, it’s also put a boot up my rear end to get a leetle more enthusiastic about using this blog a bit more – now you know who to blame anyway! 😛 Anyway – follow the links in this post and you can discover the joys of online book clubs for yourselves. If you decide to join, do mention my name (Jan Hawke – no hiding on there) so I get more brownie points for bringing in a new recruit. 😉 Hey – next time I may even get a Book of the Month gig *crosses fingers etc* – they have 3 of those every month! 😀

Keep an eye on the Rov-INK Review pages for some of the RRBC reviews and others I’ve posted on DreamWorlds forum for other online roleplay and LinkedIn buddies.


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