Interesting times…


… as in, may you live in them. As well as the writing, most of you online know I also run DreamWorlds Publishing, which has been quietly beavering away all this year on producing an anthology of original fantasy stories penned by myself and several other friends I’ve met courtesy of cyberspace on various locations. Well – the proofs are back (bar one late entry which should be winging it’s way over the Atlantic to me almost as I write) and the typesetting is almost complete, so I hope to be able to send this off to the printers and start work on the eReader version this week!

Here’s  the front cover art as a taster which also names the names involved – it’s looking fab and the actual content, I have to say, is pretty much excellent, so we’ll all be promoting the hell out of it when it hits the shelves – we hope for the 2nd week of December, in time for festive opportunities!


A preview of the goodies we’ve got for you –

Sue Bridgwater & Alistair McGechie ~ Legends of Skorn

Daniel Brown ~ Redcap; Jack Who Had Two Faces

Clare O’Beara ~ Chronodendron; Cona the Barbarian

Myself ~ Dreamless Roads; Onwards & Upwards; The Dead Path

Mary Patterson Thornburg ~ The Breakfast Rush; The Stealing of the Signal Cross

S. J O’Hart ~ Eclipse

L. James Wright ~ Dark Magic in the Root Cellar

Louise Findlay ~ The Rogues Odyssey

Brandon Ward ~ Squire

More news updates on progress will appear on here very soon! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Interesting times…

    • Thanks Miki 🙂 It actually combines two ‘old’ images from my back catalogue that just screamed to be put together for this project when I had to rustle up a cover in a hurry. I’d actually hoped to commission my nephew for making something completely new but he’s still at college and couldn’t squeeze it into his schedule, so I’ve signed him up for Dreamless Roads vol2…

      And yes, that’s a hint to everyone to have a look in their back catalogues and portfolios for some new tales for next year! 😉

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