INKompetency and other fairy tales…

Ever had a day when you really shouldn’t be allowed out in charge of a computer and/or online ID?

I thought yesterday was bad ‘cos I had to do human interfacing of a serious kind in that I had 2 x 2 hour meetings with my Patient Participation Group hat on for a regional get together and then later on for our own PPG  AGM in the evening. Then I come home to the news that my mother’s in hospital (she’s 81) with a broken hip and maybe another shoulder break (she did that last year and is only just getting normal use back). Anyway – ‘good’ news is that it’s just the hip and that she gets an emergency hip replacement as a result. Still waiting to hear that she’s out of surgery, but so far so not so bad. So I’m at the computer as usual and trying to have an online ‘me’ day joining up the dots with various social network areas and generally tidying up my online ‘author’ ID.

Simples, right?

Wrong – I need passwords to do that don’t I… *sighs* Now I’m a reasonably good little global citizen and have more than 2 passwords with a number of variations on the theme(s) but, not being such a good citizen and because I know I have a memory like a sieve – I have to keep a note of them somewhere which shall remain a HUGE secret for obvious reasons. *rolls eyes* Long story short, I now have about 4 blogs on the go, 3 of them on WordPress which have the wonderful Gravatar concept so you can store your various network IDs and have them link up with the blogs. But you still have to have different passwords for the blogs and guess what – I didn’t write down one of them properly, thinking I’d been cunningly clever in using weaselly ‘code’ for one of my PWs, so it wasn’t hard to remember – I know I’m stoopid!

Have now spent a couple of ‘happy’ hours sorting them all out and am officially goofing off difficult online work like forums (and blogs) for today – Goodnight Vienna!!!!!

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